1953 Ferrari 375M Spyder

(As discovered in Arcata, CA in 1989)

These photos were taken in 1989 by David Smith. The car is in a twenty foot trailer with a bunch of other parts in the trailer next door. The car was never buried in the physical ground as the myth had evolved over the decades -- but it was barricaded to prevent people from seeing (or stealing) the contents. Cedar chips did in fact fill the cockpit until a few hours before these photos were taken. Plus it goes to show these cars are still out there, you just have to track them down and finally find out what the owner really wants or needs to bring the car back to life.

Kinda of a sad place sitting in a trailer with a rusted out roof isn't it? This is where it was at for 39 years -- the entrance blocked to keep people from getting in and seeing its contents.

It is still in its original colors and markings as last raced -- just a bit worse for wear though -- and with lots of rust and corrosion damage.


Even the original grille had survived the test of time.

The aluminum of the steering wheel had completely corroded away due to corrosion. The amazing thing is all the wood chips fell to the floor and were in a big pile and still in fairly good condition.

All the major engine parts were there, having been disassembled over thirty nine years earlier.

The engine case with the all important chassis number stamped on it.

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