The Great Pacific Coast Escape

Day 18: Just another simple day
(Stillwater SP to Samuel Taylor SP in Bodega Bay)

date: Thursday August 22, 2002
daily miles: 75 miles (121 km)
total miles: 1,346 miles (2,166 km)

I woke up this morning to peacocks running through the campground. Very tame. Three males. A couple of females and two young'uns. They would walk right up to you looking for food -- nothing scared them at all. Unfortunately this will probably be the cause of their demise someday.

Fog and construction yet again -- best way to describe the road today. I would get warmed up and then stop at the next construction zone and freeze while you wait until it opens to let me through. Oh well... what can you do???

Decided to head into the Samuel Taylor State Park campground, as it was part of the Adventure Cycle maps that Steve from Georgia was carrying. Nice little place -- quiet and lots of cedar trees. I found this awesome campsite where I barely squeezed my tent and bike into. Free hot showers to boot!!

Two sets of people in camp that I talked with. One was an older gentleman who loves bicycling and sneaks out of San Francisco on a regular basic on short touring stints. You just have to love his spirit of adventure! Group two is a set of British teachers -- they took the year off and have cycled in China, Turkey, New Zealand, Tibet, and now in the United States -- ultimately going south to Belize. When their trip is over and they return home... my big question is this?? After a trip like that -- can you really return to your old life???

Finally got a few minutes finally of Internet access today. Checked e-mails -- way too many!!! Checked the stock symbols I used to watch religiously – it was truly a bad habit that I once had. Today when I looked, I didn't feel like I had missed anything. Hopefully this bad habit can remain broken!!

Tomorrow I cross the Golden Gate Bridge and ride through San Francisco. Another milestone in this trip will be completed.


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