1931 Bugatti T37A Hanni Roadster

Deborah Keller going across the stands at Pebble Beach 2003

The Bugatti Type 37A was originally intended to be a "Gentleman's Racer". A Type 35 Grand Prix chassis but with a more reliable and civilized engine from the Type 40 (but supercharged).

This particular chassis (s/n 37379) was originally delivered to Switzerland with a standard Grand Prix racecar bodywork in 1931. Six years later after the car was no longer competitive, the owner sent it to the Hanni Coachbuilder's in Zurich to have this two-seat roadster body created. At the time, the gearshift and handbrake were relocated to the center of the car (rather than outside the door) for practicality's sake. Oversize brakes were installed at the same time.

The car arrived into the United States in 1959 into the collection of Stephen Condur of Hazleton, Pennsylvania. It remained there untouched for almost 35 plus years until the auction of the estate of the owner. Upon being acquired by Deborah Keller, it was restored to the original Hanni specification color and trim and shown at the Meadow Brook concours and the 2003 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.

As found after 35 years in a Pennsylvania barn

At the Polo Fields in the morning

Voluptuous fenders over a Grand Prix chassis

Unique spare tire treatment

Cockpit trimmed in ostrich skin

A Type 40 4-cylinder engine mit supercharger

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